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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Easier Way to Find and Win Tenders

What is TendersGo ?

TendersGo is an advanced online platform designed to simplify the process of tracking and managing tender notices, procurement notices and purchasing opportunities from hundreds of thousands of sources worldwide. With features like customized search filters, email alerts, and comprehensive tracking capabilities, TendersGo offers unparalleled access to opportunities covering 220+ countries and 560+ sectors/industries.

How do I sign up for TendersGo ?

Signing up to TendersGo is simple. Visit our website and click the "Register" button. Follow the instructions to provide the necessary information; Your account will be created immediately. You can also quickly register with your Google or Linkedin account.

Are there any fees to use TendersGo ?

While basic access to TendersGo is free, some premium features, such as customized search profiles and email alerts, require a subscription. Please see our pricing page for detailed information. TendersGo strives to provide the most competitive pricing globally, reflecting our commitment to promoting fair and competitive trading practices worldwide. It provides advantageous equality of opportunity for businesses, whether small or large, to access information at more affordable prices, at much more affordable prices than its competitors.

How can I search for tenders on TendersGo ?

Searching for tenders on TendersGo is intuitive. Use keywords, filters, and industry-specific categories to refine your search results. Our advanced search functionality allows fine filtering based on country, continent/region sector, organization/agency and classification codes such as CVP or NAICS. The user can select the words containing all or any of the words he wants to search and list the best results with detailed filtering options. Additionally, past archive tenders and current tenders can be searched together.

Can I receive notifications for new tenders that meet my criteria ?

Definitely.! You can follow new tenders, contract awards that meet the criteria you set, or current tender or contract awards belonging to the organization/agency you follow. You can also review contractors' or vendors' recent contract awards or past contract awards. As a result, customize email alerts in your account settings to receive notifications of different email alerts in each area. Effortlessly be informed about active tender announcements, organization updates and tender decisions. You can update your saved alarms and list the current results of your registered alarms from your profile without wasting any time.

How do I bid on a tender listed on TendersGo ?

TendersGo is the world's most comprehensive tender and contract search engine. Its aim is to combine global, local or federal tender announcements, request for proposals, purchase announcements and supply announcements from all sizes and sectors in all countries in a single portal and to inform its members. As a result, its task directs users to original sources or documents related to the tender. Once you have identified a bid you are interested in, follow the instructions provided in the tender document or contact the bidding organisation/agency or contacts directly to prepare and submit your bid.

What types of organizations post tenders on TendersGo ?

TendersGo covers tenders, procurement, procurement, request for interest, request for proposal (RFI, RFP, RFQ, IEO, ITT) from a wide range of sectors and industries over +560 with 77 categories in total. Tenders are posted by hundreds of thousands of organizations, including government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, international organizations, and local organizations, all seeking goods or services.

Is support available if I need help using TendersGo ?

Definitely.! Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist users with any questions or difficulties they may encounter while using TendersGo. Contact us via email at or via our online contact form. TendersGo always supports you in developing your trade and business and makes positive contributions to the development of your company.

How safe is my information on TendersGo ?

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information is very important at TendersGo! We use industry-standard security measures to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access or sharing. Please review our privacy policy for detailed information. At TendersGo, your information is never shared or sold with other companies! We care about your personal information and are very sensitive about it.

Which is the best site to search for tenders ?

Looking for tenders? Look no further than TendersGo! As the world's largest tender search, filtering, and alert creation system, TendersGo sets the standard for connecting businesses with lucrative opportunities worldwide. Here's why TendersGo stands out: 1. **Comprehensive Coverage**: TendersGo covers more than 220 countries and 560 sectors and industries, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed. With access to tenders in every corner of the globe and across a vast array of sectors, TendersGo offers unparalleled coverage unmatched by any other platform. 2. **Advanced Filtering Options**: Tailor your search with advanced filtering options to pinpoint the exact tenders relevant to your business. Whether it's by industry, location, or specific criteria, TendersGo empowers you to find the opportunities that matter most. 3. **Customized Alert System**: Stay ahead of the curve with TendersGo's personalized alert system. Receive real-time notifications for new tenders matching your preferences, keeping you informed and ready to seize every opportunity. 4. **User-Friendly Interface**: Navigate effortlessly through TendersGo's user-friendly interface, designed for seamless browsing and efficient tender management. With intuitive tools at your fingertips, finding and tracking tenders has never been easier. 5. **Global Reach**: With access to tenders from more than 220 countries, TendersGo opens doors to new markets and growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Expand your reach and explore new possibilities with TendersGo by your side. Don't miss out on lucrative opportunities. Join TendersGo today and experience the power of the world's largest tender search platform!

New Business Opportunities From All Around the World.  Links to the original tender and buyer portals. Grow your business by finding business opportunities and participating in tenders without having to go through hundreds of websites - it has never been easier.

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What does Tendersgo provide ?
Collects and delivers bids and tenders for all industries from federal, local, and global organizations.
Tender Archive.png
Tender Archive
Hudreds of tender and bid opportunities from thousands of organizations
Bid Opportunities.png
Bid Opportunities
To grow your business easily discover global tender and bid opportunities in one place
All in One Place.png
All in One Place
Save time with tender researching and screening service from all sources in the world
Daily Tender Reports.png
Daily Tender Reports
Get alerted and notified saved searches for tender and bid opportunities from thousands of government organizations
Advanced Search.png
Advanced Search
Spend less time searching for new business tenders in the public / private sector
Grow Your Business.png
Grow Your Business
Don’t miss the opportunities and win more tenders and bids from around the world
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