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Is a list of Trade and Import / Export Data Sources.

The following tools are platforms with accurate data on a global scale. The goal here is to learn the ways of trading and to learn about new markets without making decisions. We want our subscribers to benefit from all sources in order to develop and inform their trade.

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Global Trade Analysis Tools

It is a list of resources to examine the trade and import / export data you are curious about from the world's leading research and statistics sources.

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Provide You the Leads.


Thousands of Tender Portals in One Tool. Local, National and International Sources

More than 500 Sector Spreads

All Tenders Collected & One Central Platform

Find Tenders with Easy-to-Use Keyword Search or With Advanced Filters

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" Focus on Bidding, We Provide You the Leads. "

" We Provide Your Worldwide Inspiration "

Global Tenders & Bids & Procurement Search Engine


In every new day, new bidding and contracting opportunities are published all over the world. Finding public and private sector business opportunities in countries is a time-consuming process. With our 20 years of experience in business life, we investigate the data sources in all countries and provide them with the resources to stream their businesses and develop them. We help businesses discover new markets, save time to search and find, to make it easier for them to find new customers. Our goal is not only to become a search engine and data provider company but also to contribute to businesses and world trade.


Our philosophy of doing business is based on "Every Day to explore and improve every day". To design new systems that will scan all resources in the fastest way and to continuously discover new resources and to offer the richest data service. We strive to be a company that develops business beyond the search engine.


We develop our own search engine robots and design new data mining and data analysis applications on our own system. We have an advanced and constantly renewed system structure. We are working to create the most perfect system structure with this continuous innovation work.


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New Business Opportunities From All Around the World.  Links to the original tender and buyer portals. Grow your business by finding business opportunities and participating in tenders without having to go through hundreds of websites - it has never been easier.

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