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All Tenders Collected in One Central Platform

" Save time Searching for new business tenders in the public / private sector "

Tendersgo in Brief and Search in other languages ​​- Search in other languages ​​- All business destinations in any country you are interested in / without small or large jobs!

"Tendersgo"; 4 years of research and development activities of the Global Tenders and Bids company were created. "Tendersgo" is a web service that has been developed for the World of Business and Trade, where you can reach local tenders, national tenders, federal tenders, global tenders and thousands of private companies, development banks / organizations tenders for every country and region of the world.

tendersgo custom search engine banner 2.
tendersgo custom search engine banner 2

All Tenders Collected & Translated in One Central Platform

You can set as many search words as you want and get the right job opportunities that are relevant to you quickly and easily. This is a feature that is not on any other platform! You are free to search and filter without limits  

the resources are transferred in their original form. Take this rule into account when searching for tenders and business opportunities in the country you are interested in. Data from local sources usually include the local language and the official language of the country.

" Unlimited Word Filter and No Limit  Search "

Interactive Map  click here  

Clicking on the country of interest leads you to the relevant page. Or you can use the map to enlarge or reduce it.

Find opportunities and tenders to seek?

Enter the country page of interest and wait for the database to load.

At the same time, you can access all the statistics and general information of the country with the "country database".

" Global, Local and private organizations all opportunities on one platform! "

Find the right deals according to the word you want?

" Do not be limited to a single word, search further! Point shot "

Create your search criteria. as much as you want. Choose from thousands of tender notices with the word filters you want to have

Find data from thousands of different sources every day, saving you time with the right filters. This feature - Multiple filter feature will make your job very easy.

Important: Search Languages! Local and Global Resource Difference 

When searching in English for tenders from global sources. For tenders from local sources, you should search in the official language of the country.

Covering the Whole World - Including Island Countries and Autonomous Regions!

" Become the most comprehensive search engine in the whole world! Our goal is ... Providing Complete Data "

For countries that you cannot see on the interactive map, please see the continent pages. You can see the island countries on the continents or in the ocean without missing

We collect and organize all the procurement and contracting opportunities of public institutions, international organizations, development agencies, charitable organizations, project companies, global companies, municipalities, local or global, with our specially designed data collection robots and scan the whole world for your review. Therefore, we have a system architecture that is renewed and developed every day..

More Making filters detailed for detailed search How to do this?

" I Want and I Don't / More options in word filtering "

In the tender announcements; See filter options to further refine word filters in the bidding title or in the detail of the announcement.

Do not have difficulty in reaching the complete and right ads for you! Take advantage of detail filtering features. Shape your search by specifying the words you want or don't want..

About the Number of Entries on Each Search Page

" Each Page is a Different Database!  50.000 record"

Each Page is a Different Database! and The total capacity in the database on each page is 50,000 records..

When searching, each page is a separate database. And when using search filters, you should know this when searching...


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